West Nanjing Road Station / 南京西路站 / 南京西路駅 / 난징시루 역

Crystal Jade shanghai


上海 クリスタル ジェイド

상하이 크리스탈 제이드

Crystal Jade, owned by Crystal Jade Culinary Concept Holdings, is a Singapore-based Chinese restaurant chain

Isetan Shanghai

伊势丹 上海

伊勢丹 上海

이세탄 상하이

World fashion takes a stand here, with beautiful women's clothing in a variety of textures, colors, sizes and designs. Cosmetics also reign with pride; brand names are a big asset to the complex

Lynn Shanghai

琳怡 上海

린 상하이

Traditional Shanghai cuisine in a large, stylish restaurant popular for pork dumplings and noodles.

Shanghai Plaza 66



상하이 플라자 66

The Plaza 66 shopping mall and office complex has been hailed as one of the most successful commercial developments in China

Wujiang Road Food Street



우장로 미식가

The original food street may have been replaced by a more sanitised pedestrian area in the run-up to the World Expo, but when it comes to snack food, Wujiang Rd has still got the goods. (from Lonely Planet)


If you can beat the mealtime rush, the first spot to try is the multistorey building at No 269 (above a West Nanjing Rd metro exit). The 2nd floor here has two of the city’s most famous chains: the Nánxiáng Steamed Bun Restaurant and a much-too-small outlet of Yang’s Fry Dumplings.

Down at street level, you’ll find plenty of cafes, ramen chains, ice-cream vendors and stalls selling more traditional snacks, such as roasted chestnuts.

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