Beijing Capital International Airport

       /北京首都国际机场 /北京首都国際空港 /베이징 서우두 국제공항

Beijing Capital Airport is located 20 miles northeast of the city center, at Chaoyang District, in the suburban district of Shunyi. In the last decade, The airport has risen as one of the world's busiest airports. PEK consists of three terminals, T1 caters to domestic flights. T2 caters to a mi of domestic and international flights. T3 is the largest and newest termnianl, and split into three concourses, named C, D and E. All terminals are connected by a shuttle bus. 

Beijing Tourist Information



베이징 관광안내소

Information (Airport)

Beijing Tourist Information Center T3


Address: Beijing Capital Airport 北京旅游咨询服务中心首都机场T3航站楼咨询站

Terminal 1 and 2 are connected by a public walkway that takes 10-15 minutes.

To reach Terminal 3 from Terminal 1 or 2 is it necessary to use shuttle service.

Free Shuttle Service connects terminals 1, 2 and 3. The stops are located:

T1: outside Gate 7 F1

T2: outside Gate 7 F1

T3: Gate 5 F1





(A) 10 RMB/ each packed baggage

(B) Baggage rack


 a. For a baggage with length + width + height no more than 65 cm: 20 RMB/each baggage Within 24 hours

 b. For a baggage with length + width + height between 65 and 200 cm: 30 RMB/each baggage Within 24 hours

 c. For a baggage with length + width + height more than 200 cm: 50 RMB/each baggage Within 24 hours

Electronic password Locker : Charge is based on locker's size and service time.

Lost & Found




Terminal 3: Serve Locations: East of Exit A of Arrival Hall, F2, T3-C Hotline: 0086-10-96158 (The number 010-64530030 has been cancelled.)

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2:Phone: 0086-10-96158.

Take a nap (capsule hotel)

The hourly charged lounge offers a standard room with or without a private bath. Approximately $45 for 4-6 hours. Be aware that at this particular airport, units are outside the security/immigration screening checkpoint, so you either need a Chinese visa or an onward international ticket for departure within 24 hours to leave the secure area.

Free Bed




This rest zone is set up for travelers to relax in between flights with comfy couches, power sockets with USB ports and so on.

Local Bus Ticket Office




There are six airport bus routes between Beijing Capital International Airport and downtown Beijing. The fare for all the airport bus routes is CNY 16.

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