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Walkingmap TV is a video channel that serves as a travel guide in Asia. We produce travel guide videos for those who have no sense of direction but eager to travel. Myself as a person who is terrible with directions, I took it upon myself to film videos for recording directions for next time to revisit. ​This visual project is to film videos while walking around cities in Asia, especially, China, Japan and Korea.


The walking map prevents you from getting lost and would like show you a glimpse of real life of those regions and promote restaurants, gourmets and shopping complexes. You can enjoy having a real visual experience as if you are actually walking in the cities.

Beijing, China


Hot Spots In Beijing

Osaka, Japan


Hot Spots In Osaka



Hot Spots For Army (BTS)

Shanghai, China

Hot Spots In Shanghai

Seoul, Korea


Hot Spots In Seoul

Hong Kong, China


Hot Spots In Hong Kong

Busan, Korea


Hot Spots In Busan

Tokyo, Japan


Hot Spots In Tokyo



Hot Spots In "..."

How to use Walkingmap TV

Click the detail button for information in detail. You can see a screenshot and a brief description of the destination.

Watch simple and vivid videos that guide you to your destination from metro or bus station the nearest.

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Please contact us if you want new destination. We will add additional videos after a review upon your request.

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